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Equine Assisted Life Coaching is part of a growing field of equine assisted therapies and learning in which individuals work with horses to help the individuals work through circumstances and issues that are hindering his/her growth and potential in life. Through Equine Assisted Life Coaching, individuals have the opportunities to build authentic and healthy relationships at home, school, and work through meaningful activities with horses.

Better life skills such as communication, relationship development, trust, self-worth, self-confidence, leadership qualities, and many, many more benefits.

You may contact Michelle at 480-988-2165, or by email at

It can be expected to be outside whether it is in the barn, tack room, arena, or a paddock or pasture. The session will start off with a check in and then a discussion on what things are working in the daily life and any questions about the session or previous sessions. Goals will be discussed and activities will be designed to help the client meet his/her goals. Activities vary depending the issues that are being addressed during the session. Activities can range from just hanging with the horses to grooming to doing work with the horse(s) in the round pen or the arena. This is the powerfulness of Equine Assisted Life Coaching. Equine Assisted Life Coaching can also help people reflect on past life experiences that can be prohibiting him/her from moving forward in personal and professional lives. Therefore each session is unique and gives the client just what he/she needs at that time in order to move forward in his/her life.

No, you do not need ANY horse experience to do equine assisted life coaching.

You will need any kind of close-toed shoes and something to drink such as water or a sports drink since we will be outside with the horses. No flip-flops or sandals of any kind are allowed. **Sandals/flip-flops = No session**

Generally, the sessions will take place out in the barn, the arena, the round pen, or in one of the paddocks. There are times when the session may take place inside the barn or the tack room if the weather is not permissible to being outside.

Generally, a client is scheduled for a weekly (1 time a week) session; however, additional sessions can be added during the week for the client if he/she chooses to add sessions for additional session fees.

The first session, which is the orientation session, is an hour and a half (90 minutes) and all other sessions following the orientation session are 50 minutes long. Longer sessions can be scheduled for additional fees after the orientation session has been completed.

Although there are times when clients may ride or drive the horse(s), the majority of the time the sessions will be done from the ground.

The horses that are used in the sessions are horses of different breeds, sizes, ages, sexes, and colors. Each horse used during the sessions are unique in themselves which helps Michelle give each client a personal and profound experience while working with the horses.

Since each session is unique to the client participating, there may be no equipment used or there may be some equipment used. Equipment that could be used during a session could (but not limited to): wooden poles, barrels, halters, lead ropes, buckets, wheelbarrows, grooming equipment, and feed and hay.

Every effort is made to keep both horses and clients as safe as possible through safety talks about horses and being around them to the training the horses receive in order to be able to do Equine Assisted Life Coaching as safely possible.
*However, please be aware that horses are still animals and can react unpredictably during a session*

Ages 5-adult.

Spirit Mountain Healing Center offers services to individuals, families and couples, and groups such as schools, corporations, and small businesses.

All staff and volunteers must sign an agreement stating that they understand all personal information for all clients is kept in strict confidence.

Yes, Michelle Goss does do limited work with clients who have special needs such as MS, stroke, autism, developmental delays, and traumatic brain injuries. Please contact Michelle Goss for more information on the special needs services that are offered at Spirit Mountain Healing Center, LLC. 480-988-2165, or through the Contact Page at

Generally, sessions will continue as scheduled, the session may be held in the barn or in the tack room out of the weather. If the weather is dangerous to be outside, Michelle will contact the client and reschedule the session when the weather is safe to be out in. This policy is applicable to both rainy and hot weather.

Michelle Goss is a Licensed Associate Counselor with the State of Arizona and is a certified Equine Assisted Life Coach through the Equine-Assisted Coaching Association. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in Equine Science and a Minor in Small Business. She has a Master’s of Art degree from Prescott College in Counseling/Psychology with Concentration in Equine-Assisted Mental Health.

Unfortunately at this time, Michelle Goss and Spirit Mountain Healing Center, LLC do not take insurance for sessions. A receipt will be provided for payment and if your health insurance plan accepts non-traditional therapies and coaching, you may be able to submit a claim to your insurance company. A sliding scale fee is available for those who may qualify for the scale. Please talk to Michelle Goss for more information.

Introductions may be made to the horses with other family members who are not participating in the session, time permitting. If the session is for an individual, it is preferred the time be kept for the individual and his/her session. If the session is a family session, then all family members will be introduced to the horses.

The general session cancellation policy states, that if you cannot make your scheduled session, you must call 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule. If you do not show up for your scheduled session, you will be charged for the missed session. If you cancel your rescheduled session, you will t be charged for the missed rescheduled session. In regards to voicemail and text messages the policy is as follows. If a client calls Michelle Goss at Spirit Mountain Healing Center LLC and leaves a voicemail and he/she does not receive a voicemail back from Michelle Goss stating that she received the message by the end of the day (8 pm the same day), the client will be expected for the session. If a text message has been sent and the client does not receive a reply message from Michelle Goss by the end of the day (8 pm the same day), the client will be expected at the session. If the client does not show up for the session, he/she will be charged for the missed session in accordance to Spirit Mountain Healing Center LLC’s 24-hour cancellation policy as per above.

There are no refunds given for sessions that were paid for and left unused. Pre-paid sessions expire 6 months from date of issue. A session credit will be issued if the session was canceled due to bad weather if the session was prepaid.

Feel free to contact Michelle Goss with any other questions you may have: 
Call or text Michelle Goss at 480-988-2165

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