Meet Our Horses

At Spirit Mountain Healing Center, our horses are the heart and soul of the Center. Without the horses, the amazing healing work that is done at Spirit Mountain Healing Center could not take place. Each one of the horses is as unique as each human who comes through the gates at Spirit Mountain Healing Center. It is each horse’s uniqueness that makes every session or lesson at Spirit Mountain Healing Center memorable and as individualized as those who take the opportunity to go on an amazing journey with Spirit Mountain Healing Center’s herd, where horses either give us what we need or show us what we need.


Spinner is the foundation horse for Spirit Mountain Healing Center. He is a 12-year-old Morab gelding who’s unique abilities to help humans heal include being playful, fearful, stubborn, and just downright cute. Spinner was the final son of Moa-Shah-Re who was the daughter of Michelle’s first horse when she was 13 years old. Spinner has the amazing ability to give the human whatever it is that he/she needs at that moment.  


Tenacity is the full sister to Spinner and has many of Spinner’s characteristics however, she is the horse that wears her emotions on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to show them. She is 19 years old and is also a Morab. Tenacity is a confident, very talented horse that has experienced many things in her life, which helps her connect with so many humans.


Cody is the newest member of the herd though no one would know that by watching him with the other horses in the herd. Cody is thought to be a Andalusian/ Morgan cross and is about 20 years old. Cody has experienced many homes in his life and when he joined the herd he was so anxious that the herd had to teach him how to calm down so he could become part of the herd. Cody now is a well-adjusted herd member and he loves to help humans heal.