What can I expect from an Equine Assisted Life Coaching Session?

It can be expected to be outside whether it is in the barn, tack room, arena, or a paddock or pasture. The session will start off with a check in and then a discussion on what things are working in the daily life and any questions about the session or previous sessions. Goals will be discussed and activities will be designed to help the client meet his/her goals. Activities vary depending the issues that are being addressed during the session. Activities can range from just hanging with the horses to grooming to doing work with the horse(s) in the round pen or the arena. This is the powerfulness of Equine Assisted Life Coaching. Equine Assisted Life Coaching can also help people reflect on past life experiences that can be prohibiting him/her from moving forward in personal and professional lives. Therefore each session is unique and gives the client just what he/she needs at that time in order to move forward in his/her life.